ABBY.WORLD is an interdisciplinary creative agency delivering fully integrated brand worlds through advertising, identity, pr & content.


The diversification of culture is only accelerating. New ideals, new platforms and new expressions are cropping up almost as frequently as new AI tools.
We believe that  creative work must remain intimately entwined with this ever-shifting tapestry in order to be able to inspire and disrupt. We put strong emphasis on looking for the new path within any given problem. We embrace the complexity of culture in our work to achieve precise simplicity.

ABBY.WORLD is an interdisciplinary creative agency delivering fully integrated brand worlds through identity, advertising, PR and content.

FREE and Global
Existing truths Fresh hypotheses
Respect for complexity
     ↳ Simplicity in expression
Award-Winning Creativity
Full Production Capabilities

Existing truths Fresh hypotheses
⤷ Embracing complexity
        ⤷ Respecting the flux

Existing truths Fresh hypotheses
↳ Respect for complexity
     ↳ Simplicity in expression


Brand & Identity

Successful brand work today requires a closer attention to culture than ever. We believe that you have to inspire through a holistic vision both in narrative and visual concepts in order to build a credible world around your brand that people want to spend time in. 

ABBY.WORLD Brand Studio is a brand consultancy specializing in BRAND STRATEGY and IDENTITY. We help companies distill the essence of their brand into compelling VISUAL and NARRATIVE systems. We bring these essentials to life through culturally precise expressions across mediums.


- Brand Strategy
- Visual Brand Identity
- Art direction
- Creative production
- Narrative systems
- Graphic Design
- Packaging Design
- 2D/3D Animation
- 3D Design
- Typography


We create advertising that combines earned and paid media and integrates different disciplines to create bigger stories, more engagement and better results. It is our firm belief that a hyper-integrated mindset combined with award-winning creativity is the most important catalyst for solving business objectives through communication.


- Planning
- Communications Strategy

- Creative Direction
- Concept Development
- Integrated Campaign Development
- Voice and Tone
- Art Direction
- Communications planning


From high-tech to high-touch, we reverse engineer brand-building. Communication designed for organic reach infuses everything we do, from unexpected collaborations, product launches to influencer campaigns. We focus on relationship building, sticky storytelling and true emotions. When working with ambassadors and influencers we always aim to find connections where the brand is naturally embraced and elevated by the community. When it comes to media relations and corporate communications we serve as a classic PR agency with everything from press releases, media training and crisis management.


- PR Strategy

- Media relations
- Media training
- Crisis communication
Influencer Relations
- Community building
- Experiential & Event
- Measurement 
& Reporting


There’s a big difference between content and great content. Just because everyone talks about it, and anyone can do it, doesn’t mean it’s done right.We ideate with mobile anatomy because it’s part of our DNA. We produce cultural relevance because we’re part of the community. We trigger audiences because that’s what’ll make us famous. We do content that excites. Integrated, under one roof. Because quality stops thumbs.


- Content strategy
- Channel strategy
- Community mapping
- Content creation
- Branded entertainment
- Editorial content
- Always-on communications
- Content production
- Community management
- Campaign management
- Distribution strategy
- Analysis and insights